“R&A has a great knowledge of the furniture industry. This allows them to focus on and identify marketing that works in our field. You take that and combine it with an extremely talented young staff who understands the complexities of today’s medias, you’re are only asking for success.”

Giff Gates | Gates Home Furnishings
Client Since 2013

“My family has been doing business with R&A Marketing for nearly 20 years. R&A helped us when we were a single store doing under $500k in sales, and R&A has been our partner every step of the way. R&A handles 100% of our marketing, and they are the professionals we count on.”

Clayce Spurlock | Star Furniture
Client Since 1987

“We have now used R&A marketing since 2000. I can’t imagine how we could function without them now. The entire body of knowledge they provide is so valuable it’s hard to quantify. They speak our furniture retail language. They are part of our business family. I highly recommend.”

Bobby Infinger | Infinger Furniture
Client Since 2000

“R&A takes the complex challenge of marketing to today’s furniture customer and brings real tangible results to our family business. We know that we are in the hands of a family-run company that cares about us, our success, and understands furniture.

Chris Chamberlin | George’s Furniture
Client Since 2009

“It feels wonderful to have the support of great team and to have a cohesive plan in place that we can work from and measure our successes and failures. It is great to work with a company who is as concerned about our business and growth as its owners do every day.”

Michael Slone | Slone Brothers Furniture
Client Since 2014

“Advertising is a large line item for every furniture retailer. R&A Marketing has really helped give us the discipline to stay within that budget and stick to an advertising plan that works.”

Dianne Ray | Garden City Furniture
Client Since 2008


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